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Luxury Housing & Residential Project in Greater Noida West / Noida Extension / Bihar

Unibera, as a name, has come to command a degree of trust amongst its investors banking on the string of fulfilled commitments and delivering quality results. True to its tag line- “It’s All About U”, the company engages its benefactors and keeps their interest at the heart of every venture we partake in. Another pillar of strength lending credibility to the name of Unibera is the rigorous quality control procedure in place which ensures the absolute best is delivered as an end product to our patrons.
Since the very inception, the group has been redefining performance standards across industries and establishing new yardsticks to quantify success. Keeping dedication to commitments central to our operations as a cherished virtue, we have managed to carve out an alcove in the vastness of business commotion which lends us a distinctive identity to reckon with.
Maintaining a wide array of services and a highly diversified market profile, the Unibera aura is augmented by the verve and vivacity of its primary resource, the people we work with. Every aspect of our business endeavors is enriched by the humane nature of our organization and we firmly believe in the value of inclusive growth. To lend further credence and relevance to our model of progress, we resolutely pursue growth in concert with environmental safety and maintenance. Embedded right in the corporate vision and the thought process at Unibera is the consideration for community welfare and interests of the generations to come.

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Elite 70 Luxurious Villas (Greater Noida West)


UniberaForeste (Greater Noida West)


Unibera Homes (Greater Noida West)


RR Complex (Muzaffarpur, Bihar)


Top News

  1. NEW - Corporate Insolvency Resolution Process (CIRP) of Unibera Developers Private Limited
  2. Due to the lockdown imposed by the state government, construction is at halt at Unibera Homes. Kindly contact our office online for any queries.
  3. Finishing work in Progress at Unibera Homes.
  4. Due to lockdown and shortage of labour in surroundings, our work is getting hampered.
  5. To those flat buyers/owners not paying their installments in time, kindly co- operate with us, pay your dues on time as per demand raised by company to complete the project, if any buyer is not paying their installment after demand letter, as well as 3 reminders, than the Company will be forced to cancel their unit and take the same in fresh inventory.
  6. The Company feels immense pleasure to inform its esteemed customers that we are going for Green Certification for our buildings. Once the registration process is complete with the respective department, we would share the details with our customers.
  7. Revised map received through letter no. PLG/2016/BP - 3245/5990 Dated - 26/08/16.
  8. Environment Clearance Certificate received Ref No. - 135/Parya/SEAC/2447/2015/SPO(V)
  9. Any grievances or suggestion regarding our project and company staffs, kindly mail at md@unibera.com.

Construction Update 12/03/2022

Unibera Homes

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